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Intuitive Evolution with
Marie Aline

Please note: All sessions booked online will be over Zoom or phone, unless otherwise indicated.


I'm Marie Aline; Medium, Mentor, and modern Mystic.

I'm passionate about living simply,

loving deeply, honest self-expression, integrity,

and embracing the dark as the generator of light.

I am called to support and inspire people who have the same

desire as I had/have to evolve and grow beyond limiting beliefs and trauma.

My journey is personal, but I do share openly in sacred spaces

when intuitively guided.  

Healing is not something any healer can promise, due to the law of free will. 

During all sessions, I allow Spirit to take over, using me

as the channel to deliver timely messages. 

Divine will expose hidden fears, motivations, traumas to release,

or relationships to mend, ego to address, etc without judgement.

These factors shape lives by their unconscious presence from moment to moment, so its important to understand that evolution isn't possible

without an honest look within. Taking responsibility is key.

Once the unconscious is brought forward, it can't be unseen anymore, only ignored.  It's then up to you to follow the guidance moving forward, no matter how insurmountable it may seem.

Some people genuinely don't have a soft place to land or the finances for spiritual guidance separate from organized religion.

I lived in that reality, and it's why my commitment to self-growth is just

as strong as my commitment to others who hold that same desire

within their hearts.

And it's not all serious, people! We're on Earth to experience everything it means to be human, including triumph, pleasure, gratitude and JOY! 

Feeling lost?
Desire confirmation?


Mediumship, Mentorship, Psychic Guidance, Energy Healing,
Conversation Circles, Retreats...
they can all help!

*Mediumship is when I communicate with a deceased loved one, offering closure and evidence of life beyond the body.


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Saskatchewan, Canada



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