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Intuitive Evolution with Marie Aline



I'm Marie Aline, a Metis woman who is many things: a Mother, Medium, Mentor, a modern Mystic, and at my authentic core, with all the hats I may wear...

 I am an Oracle.

I won't tell you what to do next in your life, nor will I tell you your future, for there are many paths to choose from. I channel Divine guidance to bring attention to hidden fears, motivations, traumas to release, or relationships to mend, etc. These things can shape your future by their unconscious presence from moment to moment. Once recognized by you, these elements will become rooted into the realm of choice. Your choice! They can't remain unseen, only ignored.  Life is about making decisions; not good or bad, just an accumulation of intention followed by action. Oracles do not absolve you of your responsibilities.  However, once you become aware of how your choices will influence and determine your future, I can help guide you towards living a fulfilling and momentous life. 

No change can happen without acknowledgement. 

White Plants

"It was the biggest turning point in my life. No joke.
My soul literally shifted."

~Jackie, after a mediumship session

Where are you on the journey to personal freedom?


Mediumship, Channelled Wisdom, Soul Support, Energy Healing...they all can help!

Shades of White Stone







 Intuitive Guidance

Monday Messages

Reconnective Healing

The Personal Reconnection


Group and Couples Readings

Group Mediumship

 Mentorship for Readers

You are not alone!

Everyone needs support regardless of where we are in our respective journeys. Part of personal evolution is finding a clan of likeminded people who will accept you fully and cheer you on.
Whether it's during a workshop or  being part of my Soul Clan Conversations, those connections you crave will be there for you.

Dancing Women

Intuition is the whisper of the soul.

Let it flourish.


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Saskatchewan, Canada



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