Intuitive Evolution

 "My purpose is to inspire and motivate you to live your best life...
No judgements, no expectations, only  intuitive guidance coming from a place of love."
~Marie Aline

What does inner peace look like to you?


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Mystical Moon 6 Month Soul Clan 

Reconnective Healing

Intuitive Design/Channeled Readings

The Personal Reconnection

Readings & Mediumship

Mala Making Workshops




From time to time I'll be teaming up with other magical beings to heighten the vibes!

Harland Mae Intuitive Design

* Gemstone selection & Distance Healing

* 'Trust Me' Intuitive Malas with letter
* Intuitively chosen Ritual Packages 
* Self-care Moon Kits (when available)
* Crystal Grids

You are not alone!

I believe women need support on their journeys, regardless of where they're at. Part of personal growth is finding a clan of likeminded goddesses who will embrace all of you and help to lift you up!

Whether it's a mala workshop or my Mystical Moon Soul Clan, I'm passionate about connecting women so we can evolve and rise above together!

Intuition is the whisper of the soul.

Let it flourish.

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Saskatoon, SK, Canada




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