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Hi friends!
I'm Marie Aline. Whatever has lead you here, welcome!  Life is a journey of evolution, and every step creates a ripple effect whether we realize  our impact or not.  

You're here for a reason.

My life has been an accumulation of changing directions numerous times, not always understanding why, but doing it anyway! I let my heart lead, despite naysayers or logic. Even though I changed career paths solely due to intuition,(which people deemed me crazy for haha) I hid my deepest desires and talents, denying my truth. I believe the denial contributed to heightened anxiety and depression. And although I knew what I wanted, I resisted opportunities anyway! The way a soul lightens and the inner peace that arises once a person steps into their authenticity is quite magical. 

I am grateful.
If something makes you feel good, stick with it! When I started working with gemstones in January 2017, it was an escape from the post-pardum depression I was living with. I jumped in head first, soaking up everything I could. Crystals began 'speaking' to me, and became a bridge to receive messages for my clients. This business has evolved into so much more than what started as making bracelets to help pay for my teenagers' trip to Europe. It has been an outlet for me to follow my heart once again - and has catapulted beyond creating malas and facilitating classes! (Although I still enjoy doing both!) Jumping into creativity helped to shift my focus, and

eased me into embracing my full potential. 

Spirituality is not a race.

Back in 2012, I experienced one of the most profound energy healing called The Reconnection. Major shifts happened around me, but the most intense was what happened within. My personal gifts of mediumship and clairvoyance intensified like never before, but I kept them hidden, worried about how I might be judged.  Early 2019, I completed my credentialing to be a Certified Reconnection Practitioner(CPRP). While working with the frequencies, my psychic and mediumship gifts fully emerged, and I decided it was time to step into my potential and passion.

Your purpose is not your occupation.
I've combined previous business management, work and life experience, and my deep love for alternative thinking and healing to have numerous soul-satisfying offerings. Creating opportunities for people to personally grow and emerge into their own authenticity is a passion of mine! My purpose is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves by being raw, real, and sharing my journey.  

Past, Present, Future.  Maiden, Mother, Crone.  Body, Mind, Spirit.


Some of my creds:

*The Portal Level I - Online Essentials & Inner Compass (Feb 2019)

*Reconnective Healing Level II - The Catalyst (April 2019, Palm Springs, CA)

*Reconnection Certified Practitioner (May 2019, Mt. Shasta, CA)
* Authentic Leadership Conversation Circles TM training

via Authentic Leadership Global (2009)
* Moon Magic via Enchanted Sisters School of Magic (
 * Self Published Magical Realism author (2015) 

*Contributor to The Vintage Gypsy magazine 
*  Mentorship-
 Intuitive Energy Healing(2012-15)
* Herbal Mixology via Sister Lotus Herbal Education (2018)
* Successful Photography business Chic Photo' (2003-2011)
* Owner, Leven's Coffee, roaster and aficionado (2010-2013)
* Countless motivational workshops and conferences 

* 'Self-help' Junkie for 30+ year

*Proud Mom of four respectful, openhearted, magical people!

"Wisdom of the Ogham" online 2020


Contact me if you're interested in any of my services or to get more information


With love,



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