What is Intuitive Design? This is how it works:

You will get a list of vague questions - Please do NOT tell me what colours you like, what you want the stones to help with, what your goals are - that would defeat the whole purpose of me using my intuition! The questions are quite basic to help me with design like whether you like tassels, or colours you dislike. I will spend a meditation session/distance healing focusing on you and your needs. Once I decide on stones, if I have them in stock, the mala will be made within a day or two, or I will order them in. No design will ever take more than 2 weeks.

Included in package: Mala, drawstring bag, a smudge stick, and a hand-written letter describing why I chose the gemstones I did. I include the meanings that jumped out at me,(gemstones have so many!) and any thoughts I feel I need to share with you. I also write out at least one affirmation that I believe will help you when/if you choose to use your mala during your own meditation sessions. Or feel free to repeat it to yourself any time!

I look forward to creating something unique for only you!

Eighty Eight is an Angle number of abundance and prosperity. Your angels are telling you, keep doing what you're doing because you're on the right path. I am drawn to any number divisible by eleven, the number of enlightenment, so I decided to design a necklace which carries all the same gemstone healing, but it's shorter! 

88 bead Spirit Necklace - Intuitive Design

C$140.00 Regular Price
C$111.00Sale Price
  • 8mm grade A or AA gemstone beads

    Tassel or pendant

    drawstring bag

    palo santo smudge