After designing close to 100 intuitive malas, the feedback is mainly about the hand-written letter; it's personal nature and accuracy. This new addition is a way to carry with you something of meaning, of intention....of magic!!
When I pick up a pen, my writing is an intuitive process. Most of the time, I don't even remember what was written, the messages aren't for me(or from me!), but for you, from a Higher place, from Divine energy, and always from a place of love. 
The bags will contain some or all of the following:
Gemstones, Herbs, Flowers, Charms, Ritual items...basically, anything that speaks to me! There will be a letter with descriptions,affirmations, messages and/or suggested self-care ritual or spell to perform.

Included is a 15 minute Reconnective Healing Distance session (value $$37.50!)

*Mediumship is not my main focus, but from time to time, there are messages from past loved ones that come through. This is not a guarantee, but a strong possibility. 

Intuitive Design Talisman Bag