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Living paycheck to paycheck has been the reality for a lot of my life, OK, who am I kidding, almost all of my life, and sometimes there are things that would've really helped me, but there was no way I could fit it into my budget. There’s no shame in having financial hardship, especially in the unpredictable times since the pandemic. I understand how lack of money causes anxiety and makes a person feel unworthy. I hope in doing this I can spread some sunshine! 

I trust in peoples' honesty, knowing that whoever books with me will offer an exchange with the upmost gratitude. Cash is always greatly appreciated, but I also happily accept trades of handmade or home grown goods or services. Everyone has something to give, even if it is 'only' thier time.  This by no way devalues my services, nor should anyone feel that what they have to offer isn’t ‘good enough’.  (I’ve heard this far too often and it makes me sad) 
Please know there is absolutely no judgement from me what you decide to offer in exchange. Just like love, we must be open to giving and receiving; and do so with thanks.  This is one way for me to give back, hoping I ignite sparks within others to move past fear or anything holding them back from living their best life! 

Word of mouth is the biggest compliment and karma is real. 
* Readings are booked on a first come, first served basis. 
* 48 hours are needed to rebook, otherwise if it is a no-show or cancellation last minute, you will not be able to utilize this option.
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