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These readings are based on whatever you can afford and are limited to three spots per month! My purpose is to inspire, and offer some guidance to where ever you are in your journey. Living paycheck to paycheck has been the reality for a lot of my life, OK, who am I kidding, almost all of my life, and sometimes there are things that would've really helped me, but there was no way I could fit it into my budget.

There's no obligation with these one-hour readings. I believe in peoples' honesty, knowing that whoever books with me, will offer a tip in the amount of whatever they can pay.  The amounts shown are only there as a suggestion. Cash or etransfer is always greatly appreciated. I also happily accept trades for handmade or home grown goods or services!  I believe everyone has something to give, even if it is 'only' thier time. My readings are not free, as I do believe I offer a valuable service, so please understand my intentions that this offering is meant only for people who truly need it. <3 


Please know there is absolutely no judgement on my part either! This doesn't devalue my services; it is merely a way for me to give back in a small way, hoping I ignite sparks within others to move past fear or anything holding them back from living their best life! Word of mouth are the biggest compliments too!


* Readings are booked on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to 'gift' a reading to someone, message me directly and we can work something out.

* 24 hours are needed to rebook, otherwise if it is a no-show or cancellation last minute, you will not be able to utilize this option.


Workin' For Tips Readings

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