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Spiritual Readings & Mediumship


I'm Marie Aline. A Spiritual Medium who uses her gifts to offer healing.


Whether you're looking for insight, confirmation, or direction, trust that opening yourself up to this experience will be just what you need. Besides, Spirit decides whether the time is right!   During a session, I will connect with your current energy and share all visions, wisdom, and messages that emerge.  I'm a blunt, honest, and transparent communicator, and while channelling, I allow everything to come through exactly the way its presented to me.  

If you have a loved one who has crossed over, I would be honoured to be your connector.

This is my passion. It is my purpose.

 I continue to be humbled by people allowing me in on some of the most intimate parts of their lives.  I respect and cherish our time together, and do my best to help in the best way I know how:

by being an honest communicator that values integrity!


*See testimonial page for words from some clients' experiences


Contact me regarding discounts on group readings or events.

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