Intuitive Guidance, Readings &Mediumship




Looking for insight, confirmation, or direction? In my interactive readings, choose from a variety of herbs, gemstones, trinkets, and cards; all which help me to see into your past, present, and future.  I'll connect with your current energy and share all visions, wisdom, and messages I receive. What I've found is that most of my clients are surprised by what emerges or who decides to 'show up'!  

I denied doing readings for quite some time because in my own life, I found it difficult to connect with someone whom I felt a connection with.  This isn't to say Intuitives aren't to be trusted! I just had a hard time finding someone who jived with me.  I've been humbled by the people who have openly come to me, letting me in on some of the most intimate parts of their life.  I respect and cherish our time together, and do my best to help in the best way I know how: by being an honest communicator that values integrity!


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