“Your letter made me weep in its accuracy of my current needs. You are truly amazing" ~ K    

"My relationship with Marie began with exactly what I needed, a personal reading that provided insight and guidance into my situation. As the days, weeks, and months passed messages from that reading began to manifest. Since then, I have caught many live messages on Facebook. Just listening to Marie makes my day, she provides me with the guidance & confidence to trust myself. Marie fosters spirituality in my life and connects me with a deeper understanding of the universe. Most recently, I had the pleasure of attending a group reading from Marie. The deep emotion, spirits, and sense of healing togetherness in the room was transformative. Grounded in love and intuitive direction, look no further for a life changing experience." ~ RP

 "I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so much and how much I appreciated that time. I’ve never seen anything like what you did, it was very meaningful to me. I received a lot of clarity and confirmation... I will be in touch in the very near future.

So I just wanted to say I think you are great, I am so inspired by you, and I look forward to more sessions!" CP 


"I've had my fair share of spiritual readings, but nothing quite like Marie's. She takes her readings to a whole new level, and everything is carefully planned and executed, from the few minutes of Reconnective Healing to ground you, to the selection of various items such as pouches and little bags containing surprise items, and to the gemstones, the tiny bottles, and the cards, each of which tells its own story. I was highly impressed with how accurate and right on point my reading was. 

Everything that was shared with me spoke to me and was genuine. And, I wasn't expecting my grandpa and my great grandmother who I barely knew show up during my reading, but there they were.  Several minutes into my reading, Marie with a smile said, "I have a gentleman here who has a message for you..."   I'm really grateful for Marie and her abilities. 

She is a master at her craft, and she has delivered messages that hit home. What an incredible experience!  I'm just mesmerized, in awe, and at a loss for words. Thank you for helping me reconnect with my roots." ~ MTF

"I had a reading with Marie, and she was so amazing! She was so easy to talk with, and then she completely blew my mind when she was able to tell me things she had no way of knowing. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Marie is just a fantastic person so I wanted to sit with her and see what a reading was all about, and it was so much more than I thought! She helped me realize things I never would have connected with on my own. I absolutely recommend her!"  ~ Julie K


Thank you for the Mystical Moon workshop. While I was familiar with a lot of the concepts like self-talk and gratitude...it really opened a whole side of me that I was suppressing. That witchy side. That really good feeling of home, of like - relief.  This course gave me confidence. Most of all, it reminded me that authenticity is the key to happiness and the more I squish myself down, the less connected I will be. This month...I bloomed. ....I've felt my crystals speak to me again, I've felt the energies in my Reiki room again, I've felt emotions again.

From the bottom of my roots, Thank you.  ~ A.C. 

"I am in awe of Marie's intuitive abilities when it comes to stone choice and design... the meanings of the stones and their energies and properties connected so directly to my life, career, passions, and personal challenges with my health. The focal stone is of the same material as a favourite earring I lost over 30 years ago and have never been able to replace. It felt as though a part of me that had been missing was found! There is a sense of recognition which occurs when you receive a piece created by Marie, as they resonate with energy and meaning." ~Cheryl

“I'm feeling so much more grounded and peaceful and can't thank you enough for such a beautiful, 'intuitively bespoke' piece. My mala has been my constant companion ever since...” Shan

"I had the most wonderful experience getting a intuitively made mala by Marie. She was able to reflect a terrific sense of who I am in my core being, the work I am doing on the planet, and my own personal needs …. She captured my earth based spirit and I was surprised when the talisman she chose for me ended up being – not only one of my all-time favourite stones but also a wonderful replacement for a similar stone I had recently lost and was seeking again! I have not met Marie yet, but I hope to at one of her upcoming classes!" ~CM

“I have no idea how she knew my favourite colour was blue!” ~Eve