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" ...WOW! What an amazing session!! I've never tried Reconnective Healing before and I'm blown away. The energy I felt move through my body was unreal and the messages afterwards were incredible! ..." ~ MC


“Your letter made me weep in its accuracy of my current needs. You are truly amazing" ~ K    

"My relationship with Marie began with exactly what I needed, a personal reading that provided insight and guidance into my situation. As the days, weeks, and months passed messages from that reading began to manifest. Since then, I have caught many live messages on Facebook. Just listening to Marie makes my day, she provides me with the guidance & confidence to trust myself. Marie fosters spirituality in my life and connects me with a deeper understanding of the universe. Most recently, I had the pleasure of attending a group reading from Marie. The deep emotion, spirits, and sense of healing togetherness in the room was transformative. Grounded in love and intuitive direction, look no further for a life changing experience." ~ RP



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